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What do you do in your role at The Salvation Army?

I coordinate a café that serves around 300 meals a day to homeless and marginalised people. The café is a safe place for people to have a meal, a hot coffee and find community or just a listening ear.  My role is to make sure the meals go out and also look after the needs of our customers who sometimes need support with clothing, groceries or housing.

Why do you do what you do for work?

My faith is a strong reason I chose to work for the Salvos so I could live out my faith in action and help those in need.  Seeing people’s lives transformed and watching people’s face light up over the simplest things like smiling at them or giving them a cup of coffee is life changing for me.

What would you say to the people who support The Salvation Army and your program?

Without you we wouldn’t be able to support people through our café with the kind of dignity and respect that we do. And if it wasn’t for our volunteers who help us every day we wouldn’t be able to serve even half as many meals as we do with just a few staff members.